Yummy. Last night I threw a Goddess party and my sister Alexandra came in with Radiant hair. Her curls magnetized me. She looked like a Greek Goddess. She told me she had the most Healing Sacred haircut in the redwoods with a magical shamanic lady...and I knew immediately I must contact her for my own. Michaelah Miraculah greeted my Desires, Intentions and helped me Release static congestion from old egoic patterns.  The hair follicles fell and I cried, sang, celebrated and stepped into my Divine Diva Self. 
An integrative transcendent approach to haircutting. Miraculah brings ritual, prayer, poetry, counseling, song, music, nature, Divinity and kick ass Wonder ando Awe-mazing to her haircuts. I left lighter, sexier, and more open to the full Bliss. ~Daniela


When you get your hair cut and colored you want to leave feeling like a million bucks.  When I get my hair done by Michaelah, I feel that and then some! I walk away feeling empowered and beautiful, ready to take on the world. She's attentive , intuitive, and adds a unique element to her style of doing hair.  I look forward to my amazing sessions with her every time! ~Sarah 


I had not let anyone touch my hair for 4 years.  I knew I could trust Michaelah.
She is not just a stylist --she is a shaman.  Her scissor work is a journey and transformation into the new improved you is always the result."

When I entered the sanctuary of Michaelah Ivie’s energy, I knew I was under the guidance of a divine goddess maker; a being radiating light, sparking it within the external universe. Her bright, bold beauty resonates through cosmic space. She began our interaction by inviting the sharing of intentions, and guided the truthful nature of the fear & jealousy I had been expressing towards my partner. Miraculah facilitated a journey away from control, away from ugliness. Through her magic scissors & communication, she taught me that I was a blisstress, sparking a mantra practice within me, whenever I felt distasteful feelings arise. She holds a gleam in her eyes that facilitates a belief in the higher self - its contageus!  


My hair has always been kind of puffy, wild; ‘frizzy.’ The style delivered to me I can best describe as ‘circus shiek,’ illuminating the cirque inside and outside of me. She added light amounts of color and a side head of bright feathers. My hair became my headpiece, and her words my mantra to activation of the beautiful blisstress I know I am able to embody.  ~Lauren

Michaelah Ivie is a truly gifted telepathic cosmetologist. Her galactic makeovers will tune anyone up to fashionista status. She's one of the only people I'll trust with my curly locks. ~Sonya Binah Liebe.

Getting a haircut from Miraculah is a ticket for a ride through the imagination of the universe itself.  They say that virtuosity is a combination of passion and technical aptitude, and Miraculah demonstrates both with superior client care and presence in her sessions.  I highly  recommend her services and can't say enough how her healing and creative services have impacted my life in a true and liberating way. ~Brian J. Scharf

 I wanted to thank you for my hairapy.  It was a really good session and I came away a changed person.  Gracias~Bob Sanders (guitarist from the band LoCura)

Thank you Michaelah! I love my new hair style soooooo much. ~Kathy

Three people came up to me within five minutes and wanted to take photos of me and my hair.  I love it. Thanks Michaelah ~Josiah

Miraculah is an incredible Change Agent who does incredible hairapy. For each client she psychically tunes in and creates an incredible work of art. Each Hairapy session I have had has been highly transformational both physically and mentally. It has always been such a pleasure to be touched by such s goddess and I cherish our talks. Thank you for blessing me with your incredible creative talents wisdom and gifts...   Leilani

Thank you Thank You for today! My boyfriend loves it and says it brings out my true colors.  I feel so light, blissful and full of movement.  ~Circle


Wanted to thank you again for the AMAZING haircut! It's literally the BEST haircut I've ever gotten and my hair feels so healthy for the first time in a long time! You truly are a magical being just want to tell you to keep doing you cuz you RAWK at it!  ~ Sandra