Hairlosophy:  If you're having a bad hair day....You're having a bad day.   

"Hairapy": Hair + Therapy

Scissor Witch and Blade Wiccan at your Service!  

Hairapy is a term coined to describe the work I do with my clients.  It's a combination of personal empowerment coaching, linguistic reprogramming, oracle reading, and conscious prayer and intention setting while cutting the "dead ends" out of your life and out of your hair. 

The choice to cut your hair is a big deal... who you choose to cut your hair is even more important!  The act of cutting your hair is the severing away of the past, letting go, and taking action for making new life changes and new beginnings.   

No matter how you look at it, your hair is an important physical feature.  Hair is often called a person's crowning glory and is as an important expression of self and something that is integral to self-esteem.  Hair styles are important for they portray an expression of self. The majority of the clients that I meet desire to have their hair cut in a ritualistic and ceremonial way.  They don't enjoy the salon setting and are very particular about the vibration of the person cutting their hair and touching their crown.  Many of my clients have expressed that the "average" stylist cannot accomplish what they've been imagining for themselves and are grateful to have found me.  See my testimonials. 

 My approach to cutting hair is very unique.  I see cutting hair like creating a sculpture and I use my creative eye to go for contrast, shadow and depth.  I realize everyone's hair is unique so I focus on hair texture, facial structure and lifestyle and then create a look that compliments with an edgy and classic style.  I make sure to accommodate your personal desire, as well as intuitively attuning myself to how you and your hair can be in its full expression, all the while making our time together transformational.

I offer guided meditations, sage smudging, chakra tuning fork activation, and offer a cleansing and healing prayer for your life before I begin my session with you.  I spend quality time really tuning into you and your conscious prayer for your life.  I've been told numerous my gifts are fully metamorphic on many levels.  

Everyone deserves to feel attractive and beautiful and the right haircut and the right Scissor Witch makes all the difference in the world. 

Hair Cuts:
Short Hair: 50-108
Long Hair: 70-108


Base Color~$60


Feathers and Shimmers -6 for $20

Tooth Gems: $45

I also am open for trade or partial trade. My studio is in Berkeley, CA.  Call for appointment 415-320-3172


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