I want to start by stating that I am not a licensed cosmetologist. However, I am passionate about hairstyling and absolutely love what I do.  My training has been hands on experience for the past 10 years. I allow my natural talent and intuition to guide my experience in sculpting hair.  I refer to myself as a psychic hairdresser or "scissor witch."    I am not your "average" hairstylist who you might engage in a vapid conversation about the news or the weather or maybe read a fashion magazine.  Instead what I offer is a term I call "hairapy."  It's a wholestic approach that focuses not just on your outer appearance but on the well~being and transformation of your inner beauty as well.

I have a double masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy and Art therapy in addition to being an ordained Priestess and oracle. With my skills as a healer and guide, I enhance and deepen the process of what it means to look and feel happy, healthy, whole and of course radiant, sexy and Be~You~True~Full. 

I see the world as a stage and the way we presence ourselves through our appearance and attitude is an expression to the celebration of our self~love and the Divine within.