I know this may sound corny but Love is at the TOP of my priority list.  It's true I have a love~genda, in every moment I'm seeking to fully embrace life with an open heart and allow the superficial flaws of the mind to disInnerGreat into the coulderen of creation to be recycled and renewed! My work in the world has been to illuminate the illusions that keep us entangled in unhealthy stories.  My work as a (s)healer has been FLOWcused on clearing the accumulated rubbish of negative thinking as a practice to self~liberation.  My sense is that as we learn to listen to our hearts, forgive and heal, we find our true path and authentic purpose.  Through this path we come to understand the power of grAttitude, acceptance and Joy and embrace the abSOULute freedOM and contentment that comes from accepting the duality that exits within you, and the outside world, and YoUniting them in a balanced state.  Through this self~love, balance and 100% commitment to being a Good Person and doing everything in a Good way, we actively participate in the web of life and truly make a difference.  There's an abSOULute joy and contentment that comes from fully embracing the love and light within yourself and being a healthy role model for the world.  

Since I can remember I have always been driven by my heart and dedicated to serve humanity through my love and passion for life.  I have continually been driven by my innate passion to serve and awaken consciousness through my own personal healing and transformation.  As a result of this passion, I completed a BS in Psychology with a minor in Women't studies at the University of Maryland and followed it though to a double Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy as Phillip's Graduate Institute.  I have also studied the systems of Human Design, Theta Healing, Reiki, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, as well as being ordained Priestess through the fellowship of Isis.  

My goals are to further nurture and empower my gifts as a Good Person and anchor space for Global Oneness, peace, freedom and the awakening of the Divine Feminine & Masculine.  My desire and dedication for Love and Peace is evident in that I seek love over fear,  mercy over justice, Forgiveness over and blame and I strive for harmony over chaos.   I see past superficial flows and FLOWcus on people's gifts not their weakness.  I am a walking expression for the joy and pleasure of this life as I enjoying sharing my richness and goodness with others, and I celebrate the accomplishments of others as if they were my own.  

One of my unique gifts is my ability to make up new words and create new concepts for the Now World (i.e. Hearthentic, LoveVailable, Truthicipate, RelationShift.)  My hypothesis is that the way you get leverage on reality is by creating a new words.  My mantra"change your language...change the world."

"Create a new language so that the world will be a new world."  ~Rumi 

  As a wordsmith and Oracle,  I am currently worKing or rather WorkQueening on a few projects that align my unique gifts with the needs of humanity.  These projects include but are not limited to:  1. WordisMagic.com ~ A living NOW Word "FUN"ctionary where you can become an authentic author of the new world by submitting new words. 2. Michaelah Miraculah Youtube channel and STARma talks. An optiMystic news station interviewing visionaries and good people who have healing and transformational technology, ideas and information to help assist humanity.   3. A Word Tarot deck   4. A bass opera called "Eudaimonia."  5. A TV pilot called "Mythic" that blends entertainment and education 6. An I app where you can get a new word everyday.  7.  A Humanitarian World Prize where we can give money away to visionaries who have solutions to create more sustainability for the planet.